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Bunker Hill Monument

Address:42 Monument Square, Charlestown, MA, 2129
Hours:Daily 9am - 4pm

Bunker Hill MonumentThe Bunker Hill Monument is a 221 foot granite obelisk built to memorialize the site the first major conflict between British troops and Patriot forces as part of the American Revolution. Although the battle took place at the summit of Breed's Hill on June 17, 1775, it was erroneosly named the Battle of Bunker Hill - the monument is, in fact, located on Breed's Hill. The Bunker Hill Monument Association incorporated in 1832 and purchased 10 acreas at the peak of Breed's Hill with the intention of erecting a memorial to those soldiers who lost thier lives in the fight. Construction of the obelisk designed by Solomon Willard begain in 1827 using granite taken from a local mine in Quincy, Massachusetts. The nation's first commercial railway was established for the purpose of transporting the stone to the construction site in Charlestown. Unfortunately, the project proved too ambitious for the initial budget and erection was halted several times as funds depleated. In 1838, the Association raised funds by selling a portion of their land as house lots which allowed construction to resume. The monument's capstone was laid July 23, 1842 and Daniel Webster presided over Bunker Hill Monument's dedication cerimony on June 17, 1843. Presently, the 294-step Bunker Hill Monument is managed by the National Park Service which spent $3.7 million on repairs, improvements, lighting, and handicap accesibility in 2006 and 2007. The updated monument was first lit up on April 20, 2007 and a new on-site museum was dedicated on June 17 later that year.


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